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Mica Mineral Application

The mica classification of rock includes silicates that contain aluminum and peel off in thin, flexible sheets. There are a number of types of mica, but Muscovite and biotite are the most common and easily recognized. Muscovite mica can appear to have various shades of color, and biotite is dark brown, gray or black.

Ground mica is used in the well-drilling industry as an additive to drilling fluids. The coarsely ground mica flakes help prevent the loss of circulation by sealing porous sections of the drill hole. The plastics industry used dry-ground mica as an extender and filler, especially in parts for automobiles as lightweight insulation to suppress sound and vibration.

Mica Powder Grinding Process

Mica is one of the most difficult minerals to grind. Some of the same properties that make mica useful make it difficult to grind. Even thin flakes are though and elastic and resist abrasion and reduction in size by the conventional types of grinding equipment.

Two processes, dry grinding and wet grinding, are employed to produce ground mica. The products of the two processes differ from each other in certain physical properties. Most plants which beneficiate mica have dry-grinding equipment as an integral part of the plant.

Mica Separation Machine from Sand

The material mined from flake mica deposits requires considerable processing to separate the mica and any byproducts from the gangue. The number of operations varies according to the nature of the deposit and the extent to which the products are recovered.

Three general methods are used to concentrate and recover mica as the primary product from mine-run material. The simplest process separates the mica from the sand by several stages of crushing and screening in washer plants. Another method to separate ground mica material by using screens, classifiers, and spirals. The third method, developed more recently, concentrate the ground material by the use of screens, classifiers an flotation.

BYR is global supplier and manufacturer of crushing plant, separation machine and processing equipment. We developed complete range of high quality mica separation machine from sand, including crushing machine, ball mill, vertical roller mill, high pressure mill, vibrating screen, classifier, flotation separation machine etc.

Wet Mica Power Grinding Mill

Wet ground mica is produced in mills of the chaser type. Grinding surfaces, which must be such as to preserve the luster or sheen of the mica? The mica is fed from hoppers to the mill, where water is added grandly to form a thick paste. Each batch is ground 6 to 8 hours depending upon the feed material and the fineness desired. After grinding, the mica is discharged to sediment traps where the coarse mica is recycled to grinding. The fine size mica is then screened on a tommel to remove undesirable impurity materials. The mica is then thickened, filtered, and dried.

Grinding is energy consuming process. It is crucial to choose proper powder mill with high performance and capacity. BYR is world leading supplier of wet mica power grinding plant. The popular grinding mill involved mainly includes ball mill, Raymond mill, high pressure mill, trapezium mill, vertical mill, roller mill, ultrafine mill etc. We also customize dry or wet grinding solution, please contact us for more information.

Ball Mill for Mica Processing

The ball mill has proven to be a versatile equipment that exhibits advantages in power consumption, media consumption, capital cost, and ease of installation. BYR continues to developed new grinding technology and optimize the production performance. Just contact us about what materials you are processing and your grinding specifications. Our experienced engineers will design an energy efficient ball mill for your specific process application. For detailed information, Please chat online with us.

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